We pride ourselves on finding innovative, efficient, safe and cost-effective methods to install our work on-site: 

This time lapse shows the construction of the new Cathedral of St. Paul pipe organ casework in St. Paul, MN, designed by architect Duncan G. Stroik. The organ was restored by Quimby Pipe Organs, the casework was constructed and installed by Geoff's woodworking, and the carving was done by Agrell Architectural Carving. The project was managed by JE Dunn Construction.

Additional crew included riggers Sam Hartshorn and Rich Weirick and site engineer Jason Feldman.

The music is Bach's Gigue Fugue, played by Diane Meredith Belcher and recorded by Joe Vitacco on a Quimby Pipe Organ.

Cathedral photo credit to Alexius Horatius

Time lapse photos courtesy of Tim Schindler. Video produced by Robert Firestone.

Some still photos from the installation can be viewed below: